Sardonic Verses

When my (late) wife was living in West Virginia (and yes she did eat squirrel gravy) she published a volume of fairy tales. Sardonic Verses a copy of which resides in the Library of Congress in the U.S of A. Along with a copy of every other book published in the ‘States.

After the publication of Home Affairs Bree updated the Sardonic Verses with the intention of publishing them again with different illustrations. She had, in her typically pointalist style, illustrated the first publication herself. After reading a copy of Jilly Cooper’s Araminta’s Wedding, illustrated by Sue Macartney-Snape, she decided that the syle would suit her words perfectly. I am now actively looking for an artist to illustrate the updated Verses, with the intention of publishing in the U.K. or South Africa.

So, to all the aspiring illustrators out there, read the intro and first sardonic verse. Look at a copy of Araminta’s Wedding and I am open to suggestions and proposals!

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2 Responses to Sardonic Verses

  1. Katie scott says:

    I have the original copy of that book and the Art work. Bree was living with me at the time she wrote the book in canada

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