The Abcs of what writing means to me

Sometimes I am asked; ” How do you write?”. The answer is simple; ” Writers write!” It is a bum on seat game. It’s a commitment to time, and no it’s never ‘easy’. I have sat, on more than one occasion, lost for words; unable to translate feeling into form. If you have experienced the same, don’t despair, there is next time, and the time after that… If you have the discipline to accept disappointment. But trust me on this, sooner rather than later you will find the rhythm, you will find the rhyme. You will access the connection to your soul.
The following paragraph is an excerpt from my novel ‘Broad Reach’. Although part of a character’s sub-plot, it is a truthful description of my own writing process.

“The muse is with her and phrases flow, shaping themselves into the appropriate contours of form and feeling. She threads the salvaged dream-scraps into the fabric of a chapter and is pleased. For Emma, writing can be a war of attrition, a siege on the citadels of hurt and every word she wrests from her centre is slippery with sweat and hard to hold.
Sometimes words erupt: hot lava floes of passion that cool and crystalize, assuming unusual forms of nuance and insinuation: bold sculptures on the landscape of language.
Sometimes the words parade; disciplined ranks of obedient soldiers that; “Right wheel…About turn” and “Halt!” on command. This afternoon it all feels easy, too easy as sentence segues into sentence and paragraphs form, squared off and neat. And always, in the background, impatient ideas clamour for attention.
Today it is cathartic. The words she draws from her quiver are splinters freed from her flesh. Each word she sharpens with her wits is used to lance a sore”

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