Changing Lanes

Although a small town boy; I was born and raised in Grahamstown, a tiny city with an intricate history. I was infected with ‘wanderlust’ and spent at least half of my life overseas. Both seas, (although ‘ocean’ would be a more apt description). I have lived in London, Vancouver, Tel Aviv, Eilat and Miami. And for a significant portion of my life, lived on the oceans themselves. With a Royal Yacht Association Yacht Master Ocean ticket. I delivered yachts from factories in France and South Africa to their new owners, usually in the Caribbean and the U.S. of A.

Apart from the Karoo, the night skies are incomparable. Not a light in 2000 nautical miles. I could tell stories of exploding meteors over the Bahamas. Whales, that in a splash of a tail, swamped the cockpit of a 60 foot Swan. Finding containers; flotsam from ships, which when opened contained a rusting Mercedes Benz.  And salvaging a 30ft ‘Muira’ an abandoned   ‘Land Rover of the ocean’.

But that life becomes lonely and so I find myself owning 2 properties on land! And no, I don’t miss the past. I have returned to a village, 8 miles from the ocean, and dawn at the beach, the scope that it offers, reminds me, and fondly, of the freedom of life on the ocean. And no, I wouldn’t swap my life now for memories.

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One Response to Changing Lanes

  1. Jean says:

    Chris, It is really time that you got down to writing your book. Love the aunt.

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