“Are you not pleased that it is part of your past”

It might have been covered by the snows of time but it is still part of the landscape of my existence.”

I hope that I am correct in attributing that to Ayn Rand. But whoever coined the expression, hit the nail squarely on the head.

Our lives are built on decisions and choices. They all have repercussions and they all define the paths that our futures will take. They are the terraforming forces of our own landscapes; and we decide what that landscape will look like.

Love and loss, careers and catastrophes, family and friends, girlfriends and the ghosts of our youth carve canyons and chasms in the seeming solidity of our lives. I can only hope that there are heights you can scale from which you can gain perspective; precipices perhaps, which although by definition, are dangerous, offer an honest account of your journey to now.

Love your landscape. Or change it.

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