Return of the Sun.

First off, my apologies for the 6 month sabbatical from this blog. Life is full of the unexpected, the turbulence of entropy and during this time I have slowly started rebuilding my life into an experience that will be gentle. For me that has involved spending time with the earth, preparing ground on which I am growing flowers and vegetables.

Being part of nature, and an aware part, you start to notice the little things that surround you, sounds and scents, colours and creatures. Everything seems to slow down, feel manageable, an experience far removed from the frenetic pace that seems to overwhelm city dwellers. In a sense it is a similar experience to sailing, where your life is packed neatly into the defined space around you.
Spring is slowly returning to the Eastern Cape and despite chilly evenings and the odd icy morning, nature is coming out of hibernation. I have never enjoyed the cold and the return of the sun is very welcome!

I have also started writing again, mostly poetry but I am also working on ideas for a new novel. Hopefully I will be posting some of my poems during the next month.

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