“Hon var den vackraste kvinna jag set…”

‘She was the most beautiful woman I’ve seen’ (from the song ‘Florens’; words and music Ulf Lundell.)

I can still look back on a summer in Israel (more than a decade ago) and remember every detail. I was working along with dozens of back-packers from dozens of countries on a charter yacht in Eilat, and to say life was good would be a gross understatement. We weren’t paid much but had a bed to sleep in, three meals a day and the tips that we made kept us in beer and cigarettes. The weather was glorious, burned blue skies and soft warm breezes every day and the camaraderie that developed in that cultural melting pot was special. By day we worked hard; preparing boats and catering to the day trippers who wanted to spend time on that coral-fringed arm of the Red Sea. The work didn’t feel like work. We lived barefoot in shorts and t-shirts, were in the water at every opportunity we had and to a person where bronzed and bleached. By night we socialized together; sharing store bought beer – the clubs and bars were beyond our budgets- our stories, dreams and aspirations. Life was on fast forward and in that hothouse of late teen and twenty-somethings relationships were born, bloomed and blossomed in an instant. Some died just as quickly but others lasted beyond the borders of what felt like paradise and continue today.

The following is a thank you to the Swedish angel who, for a time, shared her life with me.

it has come to mind I never gave you roses. you who held my heart. please close your eyes. your mind rewinds. its nineteen ninety-five. this doesn’t feel as distant as perhaps a decade should. in fact it feels like yesterday each deep distracting detail. the first time that I saw your face (your eyes defy description). the second that i knew you loved me too. its all still here and all stirred up. our fresh ethereal connection has like the evening eilat breeze softly blown an ember back to flame. what i think is still beyond my grasp so i wont fumble feelings fight for phrases (im leaving that for later) but in this moment put right what i can. fill that floral hole. so (while I have you here) i dream of returning. just for an hour. to hold you. to hug you. to give you this flower.

Tack så mycket.

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