There are many upsides to living in a small village. There are down sides too in the village in which I live.

On one side there has formed a cabal to block or at least, object to, any progress. And this progress seems directly related to the Bathurst Country Affair. Explain to me how one weekend a year that celebrates Bathurst as a community is an issue. The ethos behind the 3 day event is the promotion of Bathurst as a place to visit.

For the non-business owners who don’t feel money in their pocket, you need to acknowledge the financial boost to Bathurst that does occur due to the BCA.  As Bathurst property owners, it will only make your property more valuable. Business that service you might close. And wouldn’t you support the local businessmen from a sense of loyalty to the community? It makes sense financially, considering the petrol and wear and tear cost on your vehicle in travelling to Port Alfred.

I suppose my question is this;” Why the resistance to change? I don’t see a Mc Donalds or KFC opening in a hurry. Most of the buildings that form the centre of our village are National Monuments and are not subject to change.

So why not schedule a meeting where those hiding behind technology can expose themselves and talk. Or is cowardice at play?

Bathurst can be a destination, in its own right, without resorting to resulting in the thoughtfully expressed in the “Painted Whore”remark. Tell me how did the last BCA ( organised in incredibly difficult conditions) paint this village in any other colours other  complimentary. I would classify myself as a newbie; I have lived here 17 months. But I do have the insight to know how that what the newbies are doing are only to the benefit of Bathurst.

If you refuse to see the big picture, you are a drag on Bathurst and what Bathurst can become

Chris Leach.

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