About this blogger

I am home again in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. I schooled at St. Andrew’s College in Grahamstown (Thank you John Axe for your English magic. I owe a lot to you encouragement!). After 2 years National Service. I spent a long,long time studying at Natal University in Durban. Then it was backpacking. A three month plan turned into 3 years. I discovered myself away from the history of home and fell in love with the Levant. Two years working on a dive boat and all my PADI tickets up to EFR.
Then back to South Africa! I opened a coffee shop and sold it two years later. The best day of my life! the hospitality industry eats you alive and spits you out. Yes I made money and yes there were times I had real fun. Still I am no longer twenty-somethng…
From there to Jerusalem and for six months worked behind the desk of A Palestinian owned hostel 15 paces from the ‘5th Station of the Cross’. Time in Jerusalem, and I don’t mean a package tour, will change everything. Your mind is open to possibilities and as an outsider you cry at the intolerance.But God is everywhere and listens to everything.
Maybe a need for wide-upen spaces after the claustrophic mania of the Old City lead me back to sailing. so I copmpleted a Royal Yacht Association Yachtmaster Ocean and headed for the big blue. A few years delivering yachts from factories in France and Caapetown to their new owners in the Caribbean or USA.
You read a lot of books. In the trades you can set your sails and sit back for a week. 150 plus nautical miles a day.
But eventually living out of a back pack is boring, limited, uncomitted.
So now I put down roots. And I am now content…

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